Travel Stories from America's Leading Road Trip Family

Thank you to all readers who have sent me emails about our book - I am always happy to hear from you, and am willing to give you my thoughts on trips and itineraries you are planning.

Below are a few examples of some of the feedback i have received


"... I just found your book in the library and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. You had some excellent suggestions....

I found it encouraging that you mentioned traveling with small children. Right now our kids are 4 years and 9 months, and I was thinking we were going to have to throw in the road trip towel for quite some time. Now I'm wondering if we may be able to hit the road again in just a few years.
Your kids have me beat -- I'm only on 37 states, but have a definite goal to see all 50 in my lifetime, at least.
Thanks again for an entertaining read...I felt as if I had finally found someone else who understands my desire to hit the open road!"
The Whittmores 
"What a wonderful book.  My husband and I just finished reading your book and we are now planning our first (4 day) family road trip.  Just a brief trip down to South Carolina, but we loved your ideas about getting all the kids involved in the planning.  Our childeren are ages 4, 6, and 8.  Thanks again"
J. Palermo, Philadelphia, PA
".....We love that you have decided to donate proceeds of the book to so many worthy causes.  Good for you, and great book, too!"
The Arlins, Cleveland, OH
"This is a great book to help plan a road trip, especially if you intend to take the whole family. As a Western writer, I travel by car to out of the way places with my wife and friends. Although my friends are adults, the Complete Guide to the Ultimate Family Road Trip gave us nifty tips on how to make the trip fun.

When I made my trip by car through Nevada to research The Shopkeeper, I didn't have the benefit of this Guide, but I used it recently for a current project that required a road trip from Durango through to Leadville, Colorado. These two trips illustrated for me the power of the Complete Guide to the Ultimate Family Road Trip to make a car journey much more enjoyable."
James D. Best, author, The Shopkeeper  

"...What I liked most about this book is that you included stories written by your two children.  We, too, have two children (ages 12 and 13), and they each read those chapters and then THEY came to my husband and I with a draft itinerary for a 12 day roadtrip through the Southwest.  How unexpected - Thank You!" 
The Moore Family