Travel Stories from America's Leading Road Trip Family


The Complete Guide


to the Ultimate Family Road Trip


By Joe Cali


Table of Contents




 Introduction, Part II: How this book is organized


Section I – How to Plan The Ultimate Family Road Trip


Chapter 1       Crossing America:  A patchwork quilt of memories,

                       learning and adventure


Chapter 2        The four pillars of a “Great Family Road Trip”


Chapter 3        Getting Started:

Pillar #1:  Planning

Planning the trip is half the fun!


Chapter 4         Pillar #2:  Involvement

                        Get the whole family involved


Chapter 5         Pillar #3:  Discovery


Chapter 6         Pillar #4:  Surprise!

                         Expect the Unexpected


Chapter 7         106 Tips, ideas, and suggestions

                         for your Road Trip


Chapter 8         Resources – Road Trip ideas from off

                         the beaten path


Chapter 9         Our Top 10 Family Road Trip Itineraries


Chapter 10       “Our Family Recommends”

The Cali Family’s Top Recommendations for

every state in the U.S.A.


Chapter 11       Why would you ever go to Nebraska?

A Day-by-Day Account of our 2006 Great Midwest Road Trip


Inset                The Photo Album



Section II – Stories & Memories – the ultimate Souvenirs.


A collection of family road trip travel stories from four unique and very different perspectives


Chapter 12      A Collection of Thoughts and Stories by Joe Cali  -The Dad


Chapter 13       A Story by Wendy Cali – The Mom


Chapter 14       A Collection of Thoughts and Stories by Christie Cali – The Teenage Daughter


Chapter 15       A Collection of Thoughts and Stories by Joshua Cali – The 13-year old Son


Chapter 16       We’re Home…Now, Where to Next?


Chapter 17       The 10 Commandments of the Ultimate Family Road Trip


Chapter 18       Songs in our Road Trip Playlist


Ending Pages   About the Author